[Bug 191586] FreeBSD doesn't validate negative edgecases in bind(2)/connect(2)/listen(2) like POSIX requires

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Mon Jul 7 17:11:06 UTC 2014


--- Comment #8 from Terry Lambert <lambert.tr at gmail.com> ---
That's hard for me to answer without the VSX4 test sources in front of me.

I will say that Mac OS X passes the tests, and that Mac OS X comments the test
out, but without a lot of looking at upper level code, I'm still pretty sure
they don't do the meta check I described at a higher level.  Vincent Lubet
(still networking manager at Apple) and more likely, Laurent Dumont (currently
at Akamai) would be able to tell you for sure without groveling through code.

The current Apple code with it "#if 0"'ed is visible here, FWIW:


There was no TSD (Test Suite Deficiency) or PIN (Permanent Interpretation) in
this specific area during the Mac OS X UNIX certification process, so no test

I suspect that this is an area where the standard says what the people on the
Austin Group who are representing Linux via IBM want it to say, and that the
actual tests simply don't test it at all because it would conflict with
existing implementations grandfathered under SVR3/SVR4 derivation rules.

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