Oliver Heesakkers freebsd at heesakkers.info
Sat Nov 12 19:03:40 UTC 2011

After submitting a little patch for VLC I found out that the upcoming 1.2 
release will use, or rather require, _POSIX_CLOCK_SELECTION to be defined > 1.

>From what little that I understand from C, the fact that 
/usr/include/sys/unistd.h declares _POSIX_CLOCK_SELECTION to be -1 means that 
it has not been implemented. Am I correct?

At least it means VLC 1.2 will (currently) fail to build:

Am I correct in concluding that FreeBSD is late in implementing 
_POSIX_CLOCK_SELECTION (required since 2008), or is there another other way, 
that I'm currently not seeing, to satisfy VLC 1.2 in it's requirement?

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