Is pthread_cond_signal(3) man page correct?

Yuri yuri at
Thu Mar 17 16:29:00 UTC 2011

On 03/16/2011 19:20, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> So yes, EINTR not being allowed is by design and this backs up what
> davidxu@ is stating above. Our manpage just doesn't explicitly call
> this requirement out, unlike a Linux manpage I dug up and the
> OpenGroup manpage.

I apologize for keeping asking, but David Xu mentioned before that 
signal can also be delivered at the same time and pthread_cond_signal 
will exit. Normally its EINTR (like for open(2)). But now you are saying 
that EINTR isn't allowed for pthread_cond_signal. So does this mean that 
signal can't be delivered during pthread_cond_signal, or it will just 
return 0? In the latter case, how can I distinguish signal delivery and 
successful return?


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