Is pthread_cond_signal(3) man page correct?

Yuri yuri at
Wed Mar 16 15:23:13 UTC 2011

On 02/27/2011 18:00, David Xu wrote:
> I think in normal case, pthread_cond_signal will wake up one thread,
> but other events for example, UNIX signal and fork() may interrupt
> a thread sleeping in kernel, and cause pthread_cond_wait to return
> to userland, this is called spurious wakeup, and other events, I
> can not think of yet, but I believe they exist.

Does this mean that pthread_cond_signal can also return EINTR? This 
isn't in pthread_cond_signal(3) either.

Is this the case that all system calls should be assumed to be able to 
return EINTR or only those that have EINTR in their man pages?


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