Support for C99 complex type required

Rainer Hurling rhurlin at
Mon Feb 14 10:08:43 UTC 2011

Am 14.02.2011 10:18 (UTC+1) schrieb Murray Stokely:
> On Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 12:08 PM, David Schultz<das at>  wrote:
>> The 'complex' type and rudimentary operations on complex numbers
>> are supported, but the math library is missing all of the
>> transcendental functions on complex numbers.  There is some
>> ongoing work in the area, but due to time constraints, it will
>> likely be a while before we have complete support.  In the mean
>> time, you can see /usr/include/complex.h for a list of supported
>> functions.  I recall someone mentioning that there is a port that
>> provides most of the missing functionality.
> Hi David,
> Is there any reason we can't pull in these missing libm routines from
> NetBSD?  They seem to have pulled in code from netlib and gotten
> permission to relicense it under the BSD license.  E.g. here is one of
> the functions our FreeBSD 9 libm still lacks AFAICT:

Brian Ripley explained at r-devel at (02/07/2011), that there 
are some problems with code taken from NetBSD and put into Cygwin:

"Cygwin has recently[*] added support for C99 complex math, taken from 
NetBSD with code that is very similar to that from Steven Moshier 
available via

That code isn't entirely right, especially not at the cuts on the 
inverse functions where C99 mandates what cut is used (and neither glibc 
nor Mac OS X have it correct).

[*] AFAICS not yet released in Cygwin, but in newlib 1.19.0."

> Also, Darwin seems to have picked up much of there C99 math support
> from NetBSD as well, although it appears they've added more under an
> APSL license and they provide assembly language code for Intel, Arm,
> and PowerPC :
> Pulling in the APSL code may be a bit more controversial (though I
> think warranted), but pulling in code from NetBSD seems like a no
> brainer given that this standard is over a decade old and modern
> software like Mplayer, R, etc depend on the newer C99 functions.
> Does the ongoing work in this area you describe involve porting the
> NetBSD code or are you talking about another implementation?
>                     - Murray

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