standards/122051: Add posix_spawn(3)

Ed Schouten ed at
Tue Mar 25 12:33:09 UTC 2008

* Ed Schouten <ed at> wrote:
> > > This patch still misses a manual page.
> > FreeBSD has an permit to use the verbatim POSIX specification in its
> > manual pages, with proper attribution.
> > See the /usr/share/examples/mdoc/POSIX-copyright
> I'll take a look at it soon. I will probably store a final diff
> somewhere online, because the manual pages will make the diff too big to
> post it in the PR.

As I was pointed out, Gnats probably eat big patches, but because it
will do strange things with MIME, I've stored the patch online:

It includes more fixes to be POSIX compliant (default values, etc). I've
also added manual pages for all functions that are present in the header

 Ed Schouten <ed at>
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