standards/86484: [PATCH] mkfifo(1) uses wrong permissions

David Schultz das at FreeBSD.ORG
Sun Jan 27 20:17:02 PST 2008

POSIX's description of how umask interacts with -m for various
tools is a maze of twisting little references, all different;
it wouldn't surprise me if they meant something other than what
they said. :)

To take a step back, I would argue that mkfifo(1), mkdir(1), and
install(1) should all have similar semantics with respect to -m,
to reduce confusion. What those semantics are, I'm not sure.
Solaris 10 seems to behave as FreeBSD does, and Linux 2.6.12 seems
to behave as Toby Petersin wants FreeBSD to behave.

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