standards/25777: [kernel] [patch] atime not updated on exec

Bruce Evans brde at
Sun Jan 27 08:03:28 PST 2008

On Sat, 26 Jan 2008 linimon at wrote:

> Synopsis: [kernel] [patch] atime not updated on exec

> It sounds as though from the audit-trail that this might be in
> the 'standards' realm.

This fixed from RELENG_mumble on for ffs only, and there is a special
VOP_SETATTR() call for for fixing it in all fs's.  It is unlikely to
ever be fixed in nfs because atimes are broken in general in nfs and
fixing that would have large overheads.  nfs was pessimized in
RELENG_mumble2 by turning the special VOP_SETATTR() call into a null
RPC instead of ignoring it since it is unsupported.  Other fs's might
have a similar pessimization.  Last time I looked, unionfs didn't do
the right things to pass the special call down to the lowest layer.


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