A very simple patch stagnated in the PR database

Jukka A. Ukkonen jau at iki.fi
Mon Aug 25 08:55:48 UTC 2008

	Greetings from Finland,

	Are there any committers willing to handle the following
	PR and patch?
	The issue is very straight forward, but still it has been
	left in open state in the PR database for more than a year


	This was classified in a bit ad hoc manner as a standards
	issue, because there is no "compatibility" category to put
	it in, and kern and standards happen to be the best matches
	to choose from. I guess I selected standards only because
	WNOWAIT is a SUS issue anyhow.
	This is very much a "low hanging fruit" type of an issue.

	This PR and patch add the flag WNOWAIT to the wait*() system
	The idea of the flag is to allow independent library modules
	and threads to avoid collecting the exit status from child
	processes they did not fork themselves.

	Instead of doing plain...

		pid = wait4 (-1, &status, 0, &res);

	it will become possible to do...

		pid = wait4 (-1, &status, WNOWAIT, &res);

	and only if pid is known to the calling module continue ...

		pid = wait4 (pid, &status, 0, &res);

	reaping only the exit status of a known child.

	E.g. SunOS/Solaris already has the WNOWAIT flag.

	I have had my own kernel sources updated from the latest
	RELENG / STABLE branch automatically on daily basis for
	several years and my own patches automatically rolled on
	top of that. The WNOWAIT patch has been one of those
	automatic patches and a steady part of my system for at
	least 18 months now with no ill effects what so ever.

	I assume there is now someone thinking "Right, the waitid()
	call is also a SUS issue. Why not tackle them both at the
	same time?"
	I was originally planning to do both waitid() and WNOWAIT,
	but there was something related to filling the siginfo struct
	for waitid() which was not quite obvious when I added WNOWAIT.
	So, I left waitid() out waiting for a moment of inspiration
	but added the new flag because the latter was useful on its

	It is sad to see these low hanging fruit being forgotten and
	left lingering around in the PR database for all ages while
	simply merging them and extending the functionality for the
	benefit of the whole community would take almost no time at
	An outright decline would be better than just leaving simple
	patches hanging on the rope. So, it would be nice to find
	someone willing to inspect the PR and get it closed one way
	or the other.

		// jau
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