[PATCH] hypotl, cabsl, and code removal in cabs

Steve Kargl sgk at troutmask.apl.washington.edu
Fri Oct 12 11:14:28 PDT 2007

The attached patch implements hypotl(), cabsl(), and removes
z_abs() from w_cabs.c.  z_abs() is undocumented namespace
pollution in libm, and no header file under /usr/include
provides a prototype.  The documentation has been updated,
and in particular an incorrect paragraph in cabs.3 has been

The patch does not contain the relevant diffs for Makefile,
Symbol.map, and math.h because it has become too difficult
to separate out the related parts from the unrelated parts
of other previously submitted patches.

AS with other patches, I've only tested on amd64, so these
should be include in libm only if LDBL_PREC == 64.

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