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Current FreeBSD problem reports
Critical problems
Serious problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o bin/25542    standards  /bin/sh: null char in quoted string
o kern/46239   standards  posix semaphore implementation errors
o stand/54410  standards  one-true-awk not POSIX compliant (no extended REs)
o stand/82654  standards  C99 long double math functions are missing
o stand/94729  standards  [libc] fcntl() throws undocumented ENOTTY

5 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S Tracker      Resp.      Description
o bin/21519    standards  sys/dir.h should be deprecated some more
o bin/24390    standards  Replacing old dir-symlinks when using /bin/ln
s stand/24590  standards  timezone function not compatible witn Single Unix Spec
s kern/28260   standards  UIO_MAXIOV needs to be made public
s stand/36076  standards  Implementation of POSIX fuser command
o stand/39256  standards  snprintf/vsnprintf aren't POSIX-conformant for strings
p stand/41576  standards  POSIX compliance of ln(1)
o stand/44425  standards  getcwd() succeeds even if current dir has perm 000.
o stand/46119  standards  Priority problems for SCHED_OTHER using pthreads
o stand/54833  standards  [pcvt] more pcvt deficits
o stand/54839  standards  [pcvt] pcvt deficits
p stand/55112  standards  glob.h, glob_t's gl_pathc should be "size_t", not "int
o stand/56476  standards  cd9660 unicode support simple hack
o stand/58676  standards  grantpt(3) alters storage used by ptsname(3)
s stand/62858  standards  malloc(0) not C99 compliant
s kern/64875   standards  [libc] [patch] [feature request] add a system call: fd
o stand/66357  standards  make POSIX conformance problem ('sh -e' & '+' command-
o stand/66531  standards  _gettemp uses a far smaller set of filenames than docu
o stand/70813  standards  [PATCH] ls(1) not Posix compliant
o stand/72006  standards  floating point formating in non-C locales
o stand/79056  standards  regex(3) regression tests
a stand/80293  standards  sysconf() does not support well-defined unistd values
o stand/81287  standards  [PATCH]: fingerd(8) might send a line not ending in CR
o stand/83845  standards  [libm] [patch] add log2() and log2f() support for libm
o stand/85080  standards  output of long double subnormals (with printf) is wron
o stand/92360  standards  [headers] [patch] Missing TAB3 in kernel headers
o stand/92362  standards  [headers] [patch] Missing SIGPOLL in kernel headers
o kern/93705   standards  [headers] [patch] ENODATA and EGREGIOUS (for glibc com
o stand/96016  standards  [headers] clock_getres et al should be in <time.h>
o stand/96236  standards  [PATCH] [POSIX] sed.1 incorrectly describes a function
p stand/99517  standards  Missing SIGRTMIN and SIGRTMAX signals
o stand/99960  standards  [Patch] make(1): Add -p flag
o stand/100017 standards  [Patch] Add fuser(1) functionality to fstat(1)
o stand/104743 standards  [headers] [patch] Wrong values for _POSIX_ minimal lim
o stand/104841 standards  [libm] [patch] C99 long double square root.
o stand/107561 standards  [patch] Missing SUS function tcgetsid()
o kern/114578  standards  [libc] wide character printing using swprintf(dst, n, 
o stand/114633 standards  /etc/rc.subr: line 511: omits a quotation mark: "force
o stand/116081 standards  make does not work with the directive sinclude
o stand/116221 standards  SUS issue -- FreeBSD has not flag WNOWAIT for wait*() 
o stand/116826 standards  [PATCH] sh support for POSIX character classes

41 problems total.

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