return value of fprintf

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Oh I see.  
Indeed, the documentation was fixed to explain this in FreeBSD 5.2 
- I must have overlooked that.  
My documentation is apparently taken from FreeBSD 4.4.  
Error return value is not documented here.
I have run the code in a loop and the return value is periodically -1.  
Interestingly enough, 
although the stream error indicator is persistent, 
it is not taken into account to prevent data corruption as in C++ streams.  
The reason may be that POSIX streams must set errno on failure 
(this is *not* required by the ANSI standard)
but there is no errno value to indicate that the error condition is set 
(except EBADF - 
but the POSIX standard should be modified to allow this extension, 
since at present it only means "Bad file descriptor").
Thanks for your time

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K?i?tof ?elechovski <giecrilj at> wrote:
 > The
 > h=FreeBSD+7-current&format=html> fprintf manual page says it is ANSI C
 > compatible and it returns the number of characters printed.
 > The latter is correct: I get printf("abcd") == 4 even under >/dev/full.
 > (uname is Interix on x86 ver. 3.5)

Because the printf() function doesn't write to /dev/full
directly.  It writes to a stdio buffer associated with
the standard output stream.

 > However, the former is not: according to the ANSI C standard
 > <> ,
 > printf should return a negative value in this case.

POSIX/SUSv4 (which is aligned with the ISO C standard)
says:  "If an output error was encountered, these
functions shall return a negative value."

FreeBSD is compliant with that specification.  Note the
use of the words "if ... encountered":  If the file
system is full, that condition is encountered _only_
the next time the stdio library flushes its buffer
(which can be as late as the close() call).  It is
_not_ encountered by the fprintf() function itself,
so it is perferctly legal that it does not return a
negative value.

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