cgraph POSIX compliant [was: Re: First rudimentary version of the cflow utility]

Marcus von Appen mva at
Mon Aug 6 21:43:57 UTC 2007


after spending some more time on the cgraph part, it is finished so far.
The cgraph utility is POSIX compliant now and should produce correct
flowgraphs for ANSI C source code.

It can not process function definitions using the K&R style (how
important is it to support K&R?) correctly, but produces more exact
flowgraphs than GNU cflow (v1.2) and devel/cflow in a direct
comparision (those cannot deal with K&R either, by the way ;-).

Its -ACP flags are not implemented for now, all others (-CdirR) should
work as documented in the manpage.

I thought about using gcc -E for processing #include directives and
macros, its output might however break the correct line information, so
I guess it can not be used for POSIX compliant output (but as an
enhancement) and also might confuse the user, if he looks for the
matching line. Maybe the line information should be dropped if using the

The latest version can downloaded from

For those interested in its progress I recommend to check from time to time for a new version or to
send me a mail and I'll keep them up to date with the minor changes (of
course outstanding news will be spammed to standards@).

Feedback, suggestions and critics are welcome.

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