First rudimentary version of the cflow utility

Marcus von Appen mva at
Thu Aug 2 09:08:11 UTC 2007


as I wrote in the middle of the last year I started to work on an own
implementation of the cflow utility for FreeBSD, so it can be imported
into the main src tree without any legal issues.

A first rudimentary version for C file graphs is now ready and can be
downloaded from

Executing ./cgraph sourcefile.c should print out a nice call graph of
the source file.

The cgraph utility currently does not implement the arguments as
specified by the POSIX standard, but keep in mind that it is a really
early work in progress ;-).

It can deal with plain C source files and currently does not take
includes or macro substitutions into account although a later version
should do, so that both, function definitions and macros, can be
resolved correctly.

As soon as I finished the C graph part, I'll go on to add lex and yacc
support. The complete cflow utility should consist of a main shell
script, which takes care of determining the file type and pass it to the
corresponding program (cgraph, lexgraph, yaccgraph) to print the call graphs.

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