Regarding Multiple RAID controller support with FreeBSD 4.11

V.SriSaiGanesh Venkataramani v.sri.sai.ganesh at
Mon Nov 27 06:37:42 PST 2006


I have enabled the support for LSI SAS1068 controller with 4.11
Release, and i compiled the kernel with chnages, it compiles with some
work arounds. When booting it successfully detects the LSI controller.
I will tell my system config

My system is HP Proliant DL380G4, and i have one internal SCSI
embedded 6i card, to which i have connected my FreeBSD boot harddisk,
and all of my freebsd slices lies there. I have connected two more
controllers. One is Smart Array 642 controller, with no drives
connected, and LSI SAS 1068 controller with two physical drive
connected. Now i didnt create any LUNs with this controller,

LSI SAS 1068, Smart Array 6i,Smart Array 642 controllers are connected
in PCI slot 1, 3, and 6. I have selected 6i card as the boot
Controller in BIOS stage, so initially when the system is powered on,
it starts booting from my 6i controller. Without the LSI SAS driver,
6i controller's LUN's slices  are mapped with
/dev/da0s1a-/dev/da0s1f(with /dev/da0s1a as root partition).

When i installed the system the root partition's slice was da0s1a. Now
when i compiled the kernel with the support of LSI SAS driver, and i
booted it, the LSI card first gets detected and the raw drives
connected to LSI controller becomes da0, da1. Then my boot 6i gets
detected and the LUN present in this conroller gets da2. When my new
kernel tries to mount the root, it always sees the root in da0s1a. So
it tells mount failed, and it gives me mountroot> prompt. I dont know
how to give the root partition option as boot arguments in freebsd
boot line, Or is there anything in config file, while we are
compiling. How to allocate these device strings dynamically, or how to
make our kernel takes the root parition dynamically. I need help
regarding this issue. Help me out in figuring out the problem.

I have tries disabling the SCSI BIOS in LSI's firrmware config
utility, the firmware what am using does not have that support.

Thanks and Regards,

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