type command bahaviour of FreeBSD's /bin/sh (Fwd: [issue426] hgmerge assumes FileMerge to be exist unconditionally on FreeBSD)

NIIMI Satoshi sa2c at sa2c.net
Fri Nov 24 12:18:37 UTC 2006

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FreeBSD's /bin/sh produces:
| % sh -c 'type /nonexistent; echo $?'
| /nonexistent: No such file or directory
| 0
| % bash -c 'type /nonexistent; echo $?'
| bash: line 0: type: /nonexistent: not found
| 1
| ksh -c 'type /nonexistent; echo $?'
| /nonexistent: not found
| 1

Does the current behaviour of /bin/sh's type command conform to the standards?

NIIMI Satoshi

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From: Giorgos Keramidas <keramida at freebsd.org>
Date: 2006/11/22 1:57
Subject: Re: [issue426] hgmerge assumes FileMerge to be exist
unconditionally on FreeBSD
To: NIIMI Satoshi <mercurial-bugs at selenic.com>
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On 2006-11-21 16:05, NIIMI Satoshi <mercurial-bugs at selenic.com> wrote:
> New submission from NIIMI Satoshi <sa2c at sa2c.net>:
> There is a problem in type command of FreeBSD like:
> | % sh -c 'type /nonexistent; echo $?'
> | /nonexistent: No such file or directory
> | 0
> Because of the above feature (bug?), testing
> "/Developer/.../FileMerge" always succeeds and used unconditionally.
> I made a patch to work around this.

The Single Unix Specification version 3 (c.f. page [1]) does not specify
if it's an error *not* to find the 'name' argumennt of type(1), so I am
not sure if this is a bug of FreeBSD's /bin/sh shell.

[1] http://www.opengroup.org/onlinepubs/009695399/utilities/type.html#tag_04_150

Can you please forward this to freebsd-standards at freebsd.org too, so we
can fix the bug if it is indeed a bug?

- Giorgos

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