cvs rm sys/posix4 && enable sem

John Baldwin jhb at
Tue Nov 7 15:16:35 UTC 2006

On Tuesday 07 November 2006 09:11, Tom Rhodes wrote:
> Hi,
> I spent some time this morning working over the P1003_1B_SEMAPHORES
> option and figured I might as well play with the task of merging
> posix4/ into regular sys.  In light of of this, I also enabled and
> tested on all architectures, the sem module disabled by Alfred
> for some unknown (later learned via old email) reason.
> Does anyone object to the following:
> 1: Repocopy posix4/* files to sys/sys and sys/kern;
> 2: patch CURRENT for the change;
> 3: remove posix4/*;
> 4: enable sem module;
> 5: add P1003_1B_SEMAPHORES to GENERIC;
> 6: (eventually and maybe) merge psched.h and sched.h (I renamed
>    posix4/sched.h to sys/psched.h in this patch).  This one is
>    completely optional.
> The included patch is pretty vanilla and does *most* of this,
> not counting the repo-copy and added P1003_1B_SEMAPHORES to
> GENERIC.  It also passes my universe build.  This also has the
> side effect of differentiating between the two sched.h files we
> have in the tree.  Thanks,

I think the psched.h rename needs more thought.  I think POSIX says that
you include sched.h (not psched.h) for various APIs such as sched_yield(),
sched_setscheduler(), etc.

John Baldwin

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