libstand functions not ansi-c compiliant

Stefan Farfeleder stefan at
Wed Jun 8 12:54:39 GMT 2005

On Wed, Jun 08, 2005 at 12:52:42PM +0200, Michael Reifenberger wrote:
> The advantage would be (thats how I got to this issue at all) that
> you don't get compiling errors when including <stdio.h> too.
> (I had to do this to get the definition of FILE for the work
> on upgrading sys/boot/ficl to ficl4)

I'd consider including <stdio.h> from sys/boot/ficl a bug.

> >You can't just change the return type in the header without changing all
> >definitions of putchar().
> It seems that putchar is not implemented in libstand.
> Do you know where?

Each application using libstand is expected to implement putchar(), see


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