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FYI, if you want to particpate, here's your chance.


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Subject: (Fwd) Extended API Set Part 1 Technical Standard Company Review
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Subject: Extended API Set Part 1 Technical Standard Company Review

+--------------------------------+           To : All Open Group Members
    The Open Group
   Extended API Set Part 1                   From : Andrew Josey
   Technical Standard Company Review
+--------------------------------+           Date : 16 December 2005

Dear Open Group Member,

I hereby announce the Company Review of the Extended API Set Part 1
Technical Standard under the Direct Review procedure, with
the Platform Forum as sponsor of the review.

The purpose of this Technical Standard is to define a set of New API
Extensions to further increase application capture and hence portability
for systems built upon version 3 of the Single UNIX Specification .
The scope of this set of extensions has been to consider interfaces
drawn from existing open source implementations such as the GNU C library.
The Open Group's Base Working Group intends to submit this document
once approved to the Austin Group for consideration as input into
the next revision of the joint standard (IEEE Std POSIX 1003.1 and The
Open Group Base Specifications). An additional set of API extensions
will also be submitted for Company review as the Extended API Set
Part 2 in January 2006.

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with The Open Group Company Review
process, it is a formal process by which a document is approved for
publication by The Open Group. You are invited to review and submit
proposed changes ("Change Requests") which would make the document
acceptable to you. A formal ballot then decides which changes are


The Company Review starts on January 20th 2006, and finishes on
February 17 2006, and is open to all members of The Open Group.
The timetable is as follows:

	Review materials available 13 Jan
	Company review start 20 Jan
	Company review end 17 Feb
	Change Request review meeting   w/c Feb 20 Ottawa, Canada
        Recommendations posted for ballot 28 Feb
	Ballot of recommendations     1-7 March
	Address unresolved issues w/c  13 March
	'Sanity check' draft review    21 March
	Board approval  to be scheduled Apr 2006


The review materials will consist of the

	Extended API Set Part 1

Andrew Josey  will conduct the review process on behalf of The Open Group.

The review group is the members of the Platform Forum plus all other
interested members from any other forum or group within The Open Group
membership, plus associated groups such as the Austin Group.

The balloting group that will decide on Change Requests is the members
of the Platform Forum.

How to Participate
The Company Review will be executed using The Open Group's web based review
facility. Details of how to access the draft and submit comments will be
published nearer the time, when the Company Review draft is made available
on The Open Group web server.

Overview of the Extended API Set Part 1

The Extended API Set Part 1 is expected to consist of twenty-five
new system interfaces, and one extension to the ls utility.  It also
introduces the concept of a stream associated with a memory buffer
to eliminate may of the errors encountered in the construction
of strings, notably overflowing of strings.

The system interfaces are as follows (listed by header):







In line with The Open Group's Technical Procedures:

1. All requests for modifications must be the subject of formal change
    requests (CRs - see below). They should be submitted via
    the web interface that will be available).

2. Shortly after the close of the Company Review period, The Open
    Group will hold a change request review meeting where proposed
    resolutions to the CRs will be decided by the ballot group. The Open
    Group will then issue a ballot table showing all the CRs received,
    and will call for the balloting group to return their votes by the
    due date.

3. ALL members entitled to vote shall return their votes by electronic
    mail to the ballot group alias  on EVERY CR in the ballot table.

4. The Open Group will issue a ballot results table after close of

    A `clear majority' is declared on each proposal if and only if
    at least 75% of votes cast (excluding abstentions) are in the
    same direction; i.e. a proposal can be `clearly accepted' or
    `clearly rejected'. A CR that fails to achieve a clear majority is
    declared `unresolved', in which case it will be decided in an
    Issues Resolution teleconference of the balloteers.

5. The Open Group will announce the final results immediately following
    resolution of all outstanding issues arising from the Company Review.

6.  Sanity proof documents will then be prepared and the final results
   submitted for  approval by The Open Group Board of Directors.

All requests for change must be submitted via the web interface.

This should include the following:

Change number: with sequence numbers of form <aaa-nnn>
                where <aaa> are company initials and
                      <nnn> is change request number of the form
                Allocate numbers sequentially within your company.

Title:         one-liner describing the request

Qualifier:     nature and severity of the change requested.
                Possible values are:
                - Severity: Minor, Major, Critical
                - Nature:   Editorial, Technical

Rationale:     reason that the change is needed or is preferable to
                what currently exists.

Change:        include unambiguous identification of precise text or
                illustration to be changed (added, deleted, or modified).
                Then specify detailed edits which you propose should be

                If you identify a problem but feel unable to define an
                acceptable change, then you should explain this and
                include sufficient information by example to enable
                other reviewers to fully understand your concern.



Andrew Josey                                The Open Group
Director, Server Platforms                  Thames Tower, 37-45 Station Road
Email: a.josey:opengroup.org                Reading,Berks.RG1 1LX,England
Tel:   +44 118 9508311 ext 2250             Fax: +44 118 9500110
Mobile: +44 774 015 5794

UNIX is a registered trademark of The Open Group in the US
and other countries.

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