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Critical problems
Serious problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2001/03/05] bin/25542   standards   /bin/sh: null char in quoted string
o [2002/12/13] kern/46239  standards   posix semaphore implementation errors
o [2003/04/21] standards/51209standards   [libc] [patch] new feature: add a64l()/l6
o [2003/07/12] standards/54410standards   one-true-awk not POSIX compliant (no exte
o [2005/06/25] standards/82654standards   C99 long double math functions are missin

5 problems total.

Non-critical problems

S  Submitted   Tracker     Resp.       Description
o [2000/09/24] bin/21519   standards   sys/dir.h should be deprecated some more
o [2001/01/16] bin/24390   standards   Replacing old dir-symlinks when using /bi
s [2001/01/24] standards/24590standards   timezone function not compatible witn Sin
s [2001/06/18] kern/28260  standards   UIO_MAXIOV needs to be made public
p [2001/11/20] standards/32126standards   getopt(3) not Unix-98 conformant
s [2002/03/19] standards/36076standards   Implementation of POSIX fuser command
o [2002/06/14] standards/39256standards   snprintf/vsnprintf aren't POSIX-conforman
p [2002/08/12] standards/41576standards   POSIX compliance of ln(1)
o [2002/10/23] standards/44425standards   getcwd() succeeds even if current dir has
o [2002/12/09] standards/46119standards   Priority problems for SCHED_OTHER using p
o [2002/12/21] standards/46441standards   /bin/sh does not do parameter expansion i
o [2003/07/25] standards/54833standards   [pcvt] more pcvt deficits
o [2003/07/25] standards/54839standards   [pcvt] pcvt deficits
o [2003/07/31] standards/55112standards   glob.h, glob_t's gl_pathc should be "size
o [2003/09/05] standards/56476standards   cd9660 unicode support simple hack
o [2003/10/29] standards/58676standards   grantpt(3) alters storage used by ptsname
s [2004/02/14] standards/62858standards   malloc(0) not C99 compliant
s [2004/03/29] kern/64875  standards   [libc] [patch] [feature request] add a sy
o [2004/05/07] standards/66357standards   make POSIX conformance problem ('sh -e' &
o [2004/05/11] standards/66531standards   _gettemp uses a far smaller set of filena
o [2004/08/22] standards/70813standards   [PATCH] ls(1) not Posix compliant
o [2004/08/26] docs/70985  standards   [patch] sh(1): incomplete documentation o
o [2004/09/22] standards/72006standards   floating point formating in non-C locales
o [2005/03/20] standards/79055standards   Add an IFS regression test for shells
o [2005/03/20] standards/79056standards   regex(3) regression tests
o [2005/03/21] standards/79067standards   /bin/sh should be more intelligent about 
a [2005/04/23] standards/80293standards   sysconf() does not support well-defined u
o [2005/05/20] standards/81287standards   [PATCH]: fingerd(8) might send a line not
o [2005/07/21] standards/83845standards   [libm] [patch] add log2() and log2f() sup
o [2005/08/18] standards/85080standards   output of long double subnormals (with pr
o [2005/08/18] standards/85090standards   [patch] add memalign() and posix_memalign

31 problems total.

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