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Stephen Hurd shurd at sasktel.net
Fri Jul 16 10:26:51 PDT 2004

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Date: Fri, 9 Jul 2004 23:01:27 -0400
From: Brian Fundakowski Feldman <green at freebsd.org>
To: Stephen Hurd <shurd at sasktel.net>
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Subject: Re: Locking: kern/50827

On Sun, Jul 04, 2004 at 04:06:45PM -0600, Stephen Hurd wrote:
> > Right, if you just make it cross-platform in the first place using
> > higher- level primitives you don't have to worry what the specific
> > kernel and operating system and file system you are using provides.
> > It's my opinion tha there won't be other people adopting this API for
> > file locking since it is by definition not meant to work like the
> > standardized APIs.
> >
> > I don't think that there's no value in having more useful locking
> > primitives, but they probably don't benefit much from being implemented
> > in the kernel unless they conform to a portable API. I certainly always
> > have my own various kernel modifications that I find useful, but aren't
> > very standard :)
> This sounds a lot like "Well, there's no point in doing something better
> since nobody else is doing it.".  strlcpy() and friends are an example of
> non-standard stuff that just Makes Sense(tm).

If you're trying to create a new "standard", I think -standards or -arch
is the more appropriate FreeBSD list.

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