implementation of getpwnam_r

David Leimbach leimy2k at
Sun Mar 30 16:06:25 PST 2003

It seems this already exists in src/contrib/bind/lib/getpwent_r.c

int getpwnam_r(const char * login, struct passwd *pwptr, char * buf, 
size_t buflen,
			struct passwd ** result)

	struct passwd *pw = getpwnam(login);
	int res;
	if (pw == NULL) {
		*result = NULL;
		return (0);

	res = copy_passwd(pw,pwptr,buf,buflen);
	*result = res ? NULL : pwptr;
	return (res);

Is this sufficient?  copy_passwd is also in the bind library?

Should this be in several places like this?

Am I done? :)


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