Vinum deprecation for FreeBSD 14 - are there any remaining Vinum users?

Ed Maste emaste at
Thu Mar 25 17:26:14 UTC 2021

Vinum is a Logical Volume Manager that was introduced in FreeBSD 3.0,
and for FreeBSD 5 was ported to geom(4) as gvinum. gvinum has had no
specific development at least as far back as 2010 and it is not clear
how well it works today. There are open PRs with reports of panics
upon removing disks, etc. And, it also imposes an ongoing cost as it
must be updated when other work is done (such as the recent MAXPHYS
work). I suspect that by now all users have migrated to either
graid(8) or ZFS.

I plan to add a deprecation notice after a short discussion period,
assuming no reasonable justification is made to retain it. The notice
would suggest graid and ZFS as alternatives, and would be merged in
advance of FreeBSD 13.1. Then, gvinum would be removed in advance of
FreeBSD 14.0.

Please follow up if you have experience or input on vinum in FreeBSD,
including past use but especially if you are still using it today and
expect to continue doing so.

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