Statement regarding employment change and roles in the Project

Pete French petefrench at
Fri Jun 21 11:27:00 UTC 2019

On 20/06/2019 17:22, Glen Barber wrote:
> Dear FreeBSD community:
> As I have a highly-visible role within the community, I want to share
> some news.  I have decided the time has come to move on from my role
> with the FreeBSD Foundation, this Friday being my last day.  I have
> accepted a position within a prominent company that uses and produces
> products based on FreeBSD.

Not quite sure why nobody else has replied to this, so I will. After 
all, everything I do depends on FreeBSD, and being able to justfy us 
continue using it commerically depends on it doing what it is supposed 
to reliably, day-in, day-out. Release engingeering is a vital part of 
making that happen.

So, for me, at least, a heartfelt "thankyou" for all the effort you have 
put into the project, and I wish you well in what you do next!


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