/sys/modules fail when built by src.conf MODULES_WITH_WORLD="YES"

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Tue Jun 18 23:38:37 UTC 2019

Hi stable@,
In  12.0-STABLE .svn_revision 349133 .ctm_status src-12 318
4 /sys/modules/ efirt iflib nvdimm tpm 
all fail when built by src.conf MODULES_WITH_WORLD="YES"

Can someon confirm please ? : cd /sys/modules ; make -i ; make -i

In current I reported similar (but just 1 module (sdio), not 4)

Same cause I presume:
MODULES_WITH_WORLD is off by default, so if commiters to /sys fail to 
assert MODULES_WITH_WORLD="YES" they wont detect breaking modules.

To stop breaking /sys/modules FreeBSD could enable MODULES_WITH_WORLD by
default, & leave those who want a faster compile to turn it off.

Compare how out of date your modules are compared with your kernel :
	cd /boot ; ls -l modules ; ls -l kernel/kernel

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