FreeBSD 12.0 RELEASE i386 can not build a kernel?

Ed Maste emaste at
Thu Feb 28 14:42:46 UTC 2019

On Thu, 28 Feb 2019 at 09:33, Rodney W. Grimes
<freebsd at> wrote:
> LD?=ld.lld in the right place(s)?

Perhaps, I seem to recall some issue with that, but not the specifics.

> And is this still an issue for stable/12 i386?
> or has ld been changed to ld.lld?

stable/12 i386 still has GNU ld as /usr/bin/ld and there are a small
number of ports (particularly Free Pascal ones) which fail to build
with lld.

They're tracked as children of PR 214864:
The Lazarus / Free Pascal issue is in PR 233413.

In my opinion we should merge the switch to lld as /usr/bin/ld to
stable/12 now and iterate on fixing the remaining ports fallout, but
would like re/portmgr's assent.

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