linked binaries SIGSEGV (in bhyve guest)

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Fri Feb 22 03:52:26 UTC 2019

21.02.2019 22:27, Harry Schmalzbauer wrote:

>> The object is clearly corrupted.
> Thanks to your hint to readelf, I found out that it gets corrupted during dump(8) (or resotore, not yet analyzed).
> The obj tree contains the good version, the dump archive not.
> The dump archive is used as source for the ISO, hence the described errors.
> Now I have to dig in 10 years old deployment scripts to track down and reproduce the corruption.  No explanation so far, but for sure no rtld-elf problem :-)
> And also not a problem in the FreeBSD make chain, building stable/12 on stable/11 works as intended and doesn't produce the mutilated!

You may find useful reading trail of this PR

Long story short: dump(8) will read inconsistent data (or even garbage) from mounted file system
unless used with -L to make and dump a snapshot. And UFS snapshots are not compatible with SU+J UFS
created with installer by default in some versions of FreeBSD.

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