11.2-STABLE kernel wired memory leak

Lev Serebryakov lev at FreeBSD.org
Fri Feb 15 20:51:25 UTC 2019

Hello Eugene,

Tuesday, February 12, 2019, 10:18:09 PM, you wrote:

> Do you have/had some memory pressure here? Growth of swap usage?
 After several days, ARC is even smaller, but Wired is the same:

Mem: 88M Active, 904M Inact, 29G Wired, 1121M Free
ARC: 13G Total, 5288M MFU, 6937M MRU, 2880K Anon, 44M Header, 1036M Other
     11G Compressed, 15G Uncompressed, 1.32:1 Ratio


 Strill "lowmem_uptime" is zero, so no "low memory" situation, but ARC
becomes smaller and smaller (and hit rate goes down too) and it is not clear
where are all this "Wired" RAM :-(

 I had 16G on this system with same load and about half-year ago 14G was
typical ARC with 97% hit rate and now it is 32G (other things are unchanged)
and it is 13G ARC and 94% hit rate. And all memory is still Wired!

Best regards,
 Lev                            mailto:lev at FreeBSD.org

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