Binary update to -STABLE? And if so, what do I get?

Kevin Oberman rkoberman at
Thu Feb 14 18:11:32 UTC 2019

On Thu, Feb 14, 2019 at 3:10 AM Pete French <petefrench at>

> On 14/02/2019 01:43, Jason Tubnor wrote:
> > I also have hit this IPv6 issue (I thought I was going crazy until I
> worked
> > it out) and other iflib issues in 12.0, which have been fixed in -STABLE
> > that really should be patched in 12.0 or bring forward an early 12.1
> > release. For our use case, 12.0 is just too buggy for production at this
> > rate and we won't touch it, which is a shame because there is a lot of
> good
> > work in there that we would like to use but it is trumped by the
> breakages.
> Any reason behind not running STBLE out of interest ? Yes, 12 has been
> buggy with regards to networking, but these things get fixed very fast
> and I now have all my machines on the lattest STABLE in production, as
> of yesterday.
> -pete.

Generally, not many.

Far and away the biggest is the requirement to build from sources. It's not
a big deal for me, but if I still had many systems to deal with, that would
be a pain.

I might also mention that just before the pre-release freeze and after a
release, STABLE and be a bit unstable as developers rush to get things in
before the freeze or to add things that they did not want to MFC with
little test time before a release. In recent years this issue has
significantly improved, though.

I run either HEAD or STABLE on my personal system and RELEASE on my only
server, the latter just so I can do binary updates. My server is on hold at
11.2 due to the IPv6 issue and I am amazed that this BIG oops did not
result in an EN and a patched release. Lack of IPv6 is not, for many
people, a minor issue.

The bottom line is that the only real reasons I see for not running stable
is the lack of binary updates, and issues with systems being slightly out
of sync if all are not updated to the same SVN revision at all times. Those
are very big reasons for many.
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