11.2-STABLE kernel wired memory leak

Eugene Grosbein eugen at grosbein.net
Tue Feb 12 16:56:23 UTC 2019

12.02.2019 23:49, Eugene Grosbein wrote:
> 12.02.2019 23:34, Mark Johnston wrote:
>> I suspect that the "leaked" memory is simply being used to cache UMA
>> items.  Note that the values in the FREE column of vmstat -z output are
>> quite large.  The cached items are reclaimed only when the page daemon
>> wakes up to reclaim memory; if there are no memory shortages, large
>> amounts of memory may accumulate in UMA caches.  In this case, the sum
>> of the product of columns 2 and 5 gives a total of roughly 4GB cached.
> Forgot to note, that before I got system to single user mode, there was heavy swap usage (over 3.5GB)
> and heavy page-in/page-out, 10-20 megabytes per second and system was crawling slow due to pageing.

There was significant memory shortage due to Firefox having over 5GB RSS
plus other processes like Xorg, parts of xfce4 etc. Still, over 4GB of Wired memory.

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