amd64, run-time linker and 32bit

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Sun Feb 10 17:31:42 UTC 2019


Why our 32-bit run-time linker looks for shared libraries in the /usr/local/lib despite of its absence in /var/run/
while 32-bit binary is started under FreeBSD 11.2-STABLE/amd64 ?

If it finds 64-bit version of library in /usr/local/lib, it fails immediately
and does not even re-try to look at other directories noted in /var/run/
such as /usr/lib32:/usr/local/lib/compat/lib32:/usr/local/lib/compat/lib32/compat/pkg:/usr/local/lib32/compat
where right 32-bit version is located.

As workaround, I can use /etc/libmap32.conf and then the binary starts just fine
but there are so many libraries. It should not even try to look to /usr/local/lib
if it is not in the /var/run/, should it?

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