Status of libarchive/bsdtar maintainership

Eugene Grosbein eugen at
Sat Feb 2 16:02:47 UTC 2019

02.02.2019 6:35, Warner Losh wrote:

> They didn't fix it in 3 months, sure. But it wasn't clear from the issue
> that you had an actual fix (I certainly missed that the first time through
> when I only looked at the github and not at our bug database).
> I'd try submitting a pull request and see what happens.
> I'd also send an email to mm@ telling him about the pull request
> and asking when he'll have time to look into  integrating it or commenting on it.
> If he won't have time to get to it soon, I'd make the commit referencing the upstream pull request
> so the next person who imports things will notice if they tweak it before accepting the request.

In fact, I have no real fix suitable for committing "as is".
All I have is description of some serious problem (regression)
and no more than draft patch that shows root of the problem.

The patch may have some design issues or break another corner case
or be incomplete in a way etc. However, it fixes common case
and allows to continue using bsdtar for backups.

My question is not about this patch but about ${Subject}.
"Common protocol" assumes at least moderate level of upstream support
and this assumption seems to be wrong for libarchive presently.

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