traceroute -n difference between STABLE-11 and CURRENT

Claude Buisson clbuisson at
Mon Sep 24 13:51:28 UTC 2018


On systems with STABLE-11 @ r338696, I found that

traceroute -n ...

led to:

traceroute: cap_enter: Function not implemented

I rebuilt the systems with


commented in /etc/src.conf

and (to be safe ?)


uncommented in the kernel definitions

And traceroute -n can now be successfully used.

Being curious, I traced this behaviour to r338475 by oshogbo, which is 
documented as a MFC of r314000

BUT i NEVER met this problem on my CURRENT systems which are now at 
r338331 (so after r314000), and are built WITHOUT_CASPER and without 
CAPABILITY_MODE nor CAPABILITIES in their kernel definitions.

What am I missing (my only hint being the change from HAVE_LIBCASPER to 


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