Good motherboard for Ryzen (first-gen)

Pete French petefrench at
Sat Sep 22 08:57:29 UTC 2018

> I would like to build a Ryzen desktop.? Can anyone recommend a good 
> motherboard?

I have oe of these:

but I just saw how much they are charging for it these days! I got one
at about half that. I did originally get a B370 based board, but
chnaged up for the X370 after I decided on a higher power Ryzen 7 and
someone on ths list (can't remember who, sorry) reminded me that it would
be more stable with the better quality power supplies on the non
budget boards.

It's a great board though. Ignore MSI slighly silly (as usual) promotional
blurb and look at the specs and it's an excellent piece of kit.

> I'm planning on a first-gen, because the second-gen has similar 
> stability problems as the first-gen had, and AMD hasn't released errata 
> for the second-gen yet (as far as I know...I would love to be wrong).

Note that the Ryzen problems on FreeBSD aren't 100% solved yet - the Linux
emulator doesn't work in STABLE, which might affect you ?

Since the last BIOS upgrade and the patches in STABLE the system is
certainly stable enough for a desktop though. I have only had two lockups
since the last set of upgrades and I suspect that might have been related
to me running virtual machines under VirtualBox as I stopped doing
that and it's been fine ever since.

> I would like to be a cool kid with a Threadripper, but I can't justify 
> the cost, so I'm thinking maybe a Ryzen 7 with /only/ 8 cores.? :)

heh, yes, 8 cores and SMT makes for a ridiculously fast machine. Try
a buildworld with -j16 on it.

> Ideally, I want an Intel NIC, ECC memory support, and a 3-year warranty.

Don't know about ECC, but the Titanium has an Intel NIC in it that works
fine with igb driver. I used to drop in a separate Intel NIC card as so
many of the boards came with cheap Realtek, but I dont have to with this one.

Let us know how you get on....


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