ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable

Mike Tancsa mike at sentex.net
Thu Sep 13 20:42:36 UTC 2018

I have been getting the above error at boot time (I think) for some time
even though the box boots just fine.  The server boots from a pair of
SSDs in mirror and then a number of other pools off different
controllers get mounted.  All the pools show fine but I am curious if
this error will come to something worse in the future. Googling around
seems to point to different issues and goes back to RELENG8 days.  The
box is AMD64, RELENG_11 r338656

drive R: is disk15                                                         \
BIOS drive S: is disk16
BIOS drive T: is disk17
BIOS drive U: is disk18
ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable
ZFS: i/o error - all block copies unavailable

BIOS 603kB/1915980kB available memory

FreeBSD/x86 ZFS enabled bootstrap loader, Revision 1.1
Loading /boot/defaults/loader.conf

... normal boot after that

  pool: zroot
 state: ONLINE
  scan: resilvered 38.6G in 0h2m with 0 errors on Tue Sep  4 14:06:40 2018

        NAME          STATE     READ WRITE CKSUM
        zroot         ONLINE       0     0     0
          mirror-0    ONLINE       0     0     0
            gpt/zfs0  ONLINE       0     0     0
            ada1p3    ONLINE       0     0     0

errors: No known data errors

ada1 was replaced recently as its wear level was reaching 0, but the
errors were there prior to replacement

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