boinc crunching on GPU with NVIDIA GPU GeForce GTX 960 (GM206-A)

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Sun Nov 4 14:09:20 UTC 2018


context is recent freebsd-12-stable, amd64, NVIDIA GPU GeForce GTX 960
(GM206-A) GPU, boinc with WCG. ports are built from the ports tree.

I had no luck with an AMD card, wondering if NVIDIA is better supported
for this. I don't mind what drivers are used, although I'm having
problems determining the best one [1]. 

Question from me is, has anyone managed to GPU crunch with boinc on the
WCG project under freebsd-12 with an nvidia card? If so, please tell
how you did it?

[1] nvidia-driver-390.87 ? version 410.73 from nvidia themselves?

which ones?


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