Ryzen issues on FreeBSD ? (with sort of workaround)

Pete French petefrench at ingresso.co.uk
Mon Apr 23 12:19:44 UTC 2018

> fairly pleased with that. Am going to try the test case that Mike Tancsa
> posted to see if I can get it to lockup today though,. now that I am in
> front of it to reset of required. Will report results either way...

So, I have been ran the iperf scripts all day (about 4 hours now) with
the Ryzen box being the reciever and another BSD box as the sender. I
had re-enabled SMT on the Ryzen box out of curiosity.

All worked fine until just no,w when it did lockup. But the lockup
happened when I fired up VirtualBox as well on the Ryzen machine, had that
doing a lot of disc activity and also did a lot of ZFS activity on the box
itself. Which I find interesting, because your lockups were also happenng
when VirtualBox was running were they not ?

So, am going to try that again (the iperf test and simultaneous Win10
in VirtualBox), but with SMT off, to see if I can reproduce it.


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