TRIM, iSCSI and %busy waves

Eugene M. Zheganin eugene at
Thu Apr 5 15:18:15 UTC 2018


On 05.04.2018 20:00, Warner Losh wrote:
>     I'm also having a couple of iSCSI issues that I'm dealing through
>     bounty with, so may be this is related somehow. Or may be not. Due
>     to some issues in iSCSI stack my system sometimes reboots, and
>     then these "waves" are stopped for some time.
>     So, my question is - can I fine-tune TRIM operations ? So they
>     don't consume the whole disk at 100%. I see several sysctl oids,
>     but they aren't well-documented.
> You might be able to set the delete method.

Set it to what ? It's not like I'm seeing FreeBSD for the first time, 
but from what I see in sysctl - all of those "sysctl -a | grep trim" 
oids are numeric.
>     P.S. This is 11.x, disks are Toshibas, and they are attached via
>     LSI HBA.
> Which LSI HBA?
A SAS9300-4i4e one.


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