11.1-PRERELEASE, waagent crashes attaching reosurce disc in Azure

Pete French petefrench at ingresso.co.uk
Thu Jun 1 09:37:30 UTC 2017

Just been through the azure python code - my intiial impressin was wrong, its
not the chnage to the periphlist output which is the issue. Instead
its the fact that a simple 'devlist' now puts the pass devices first in
the list, and the azure waagent uses the first listed device when it initially
looks for the device. A simple fix for this is to reject what that call
returns and then to drop back to using periphlist, nd this is what I have done,
but it would be nice to fix it properly.

What was the reason behind the chnage of ordering anyway ? Any script
which naiively parses the output of camcontrol devlist will hit a similar
issue potentially ? It's not exactly a bug, but...


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