Support for X553 (Denverton) Ethernet devices

Cramer, Jeb J jeb.j.cramer at
Tue Jul 11 16:42:54 UTC 2017

Hi Cassiano,

We’ve added support to HEAD and are creating the patch to apply to 11-STABLE as this moment.  It should be posted today or maybe tomorrow at the latest.


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Subject: Support for X553 (Denverton) Ethernet devices

Hi guys,

I've been playing with Denverton, but I realized that ethernet devices wasn't recognized.

I found this commit here enabling X553 support on 10-STABLE:

I tested on 10-STABLE and worked fined. But on 11-STABLE it didn't find the ethernet interfaces.

Seems IFLIB support is needed, anyway I enabled support in kernel but nothing has changed.

Am I missing something here or support to X553 wasn't added to 11-STABLE?


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