Two problems about ASUS N3150I-C

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Sun Dec 10 17:40:19 UTC 2017

Without more info it's likely going to be hard for anyone to help but both these symptoms you mention could be possibly related to processes that depend on the system clock not being messed with.  Some people these days try to cheat on games and stuff like that by using hacks that mess with the system clock.  Those symptoms you are observing could be a way of your system letting you know it won't work right if you let apps mess with the system clock.  Maybe not.  If others have the same motherboard and use the same Realtek NIC but are not having problems I'd guess it's related programs on your system adjusting the system clock.  If that's not the case you may want to make sure ntp is working and maybe chose a different ntp server.  Maybe it's something else.  You'll likely be asked for more technical feedback from log files though if you want help with this issue.  You also could try disabling the onboard NIC and by a new NIC.


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On Dec 10, 2017, 4:02 AM, at 4:02 AM, Yasuhiro KIMURA <yasu at> wrote:
>I have two 11.1-RELEASE amd64 boxes working as my home servers. Their
>hardware spec are same and ASUS N3150I-C is used as motherboad. And
>there are two problems about it.
>1. 'shutdown -r now' doesn't work after system has been up for a while
>If I try 'shutdown -r now' just after system is up or after few hours,
>it works as is expected. But, for example, if I try it after one week
>of uptime, then it doesn't work anymore. OS is shutdown successfully
>but reset never happens. I updated BIOS of motherboard to latest one
>but it didn't fix the problem. And this problem happens on both boxes.
>2. NIC gets no response with 're0: watchdog timeout' kernel message
>Realtek RTL8111H is used as NIC of this motherboad. Sometime it gets
>no response after following kernel messages are displayed some times.
>Dec 10 01:11:37 maybe kernel: re0: watchdog timeout
>Dec 10 01:11:37 maybe kernel: re0: link state changed to DOWN
>Dec 10 01:11:41 maybe kernel: re0: link state changed to UP
>If this happens system need to be rebooted. It is very variable when
>NIC get this status. Sometime it happens after few hours system is up,
>but sometimes it doesn't happen after a month of uptime. And this
>problem happens only one of two boxes. One box is used for internal
>services and the other is used for external ones. The problem only
>happens on the latter. As is explaind above they have same hardware
>spec, but OS settings and/or installed applications are differnt. So
>it seems some of them specific to the latter are cause of NIC hangup.
>Then, are there any way to fix these problems or investigate why they
>happens? Any suggestions or comments are welcome.
>Yasuhiro KIMURA
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