releng/10.3 rc netwait disabled by ipfw dependency

Ian Lepore ian at
Mon Mar 14 14:04:53 UTC 2016

On Sat, 2016-03-12 at 16:46 +1100, John Marshall wrote:
> I recently upgraded a server from 10.2-RELEASE to 10.3-RC2.  The
> server
> has ipfw configured and also has netwait enabled in rc.conf.  All was
> good in 10.2-RELEASE.
> Now, rc pauses during netwait for the full ${netwait_timeout} failing
> to
> ping ${netwait_ip}, prints a WARNING about the network likely not
> being
> properly up, then proceeds to enable the firewall and start other
> components with varying degrees of success (now that the interfaces
> can
> pass packets and has started configuring itself - think IPv6 SLAAC).
> The netwait rc script used to "REQUIRE: NETWORKING", until r294680
> when
> (among other things) this happened...
>  # PROVIDE: netwait
> +# REQUIRE: devd routing
>  # KEYWORD: nojail
> Adding ipfw to the netwait REQUIRE list makes things work for me (see
> Bug 207916) but I am sure there is more that ought to be taken into
> account and perhaps the dependency ought to be resolved in a
> different
> way.

Just a quick followup for the archives, this was turned into PR 207916
and a workaround was committed as r296807.  A better fix, I think,
would be to separate waiting for the network interfaces to appear from
waiting for network connectivity to be functional (ping test), but I
ran into some circular-dependency problems, so I committed a "good
enough for now" workaround.

-- Ian

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