/dev/led soekris 6501.

Peter Ankerstål peter at pean.org
Thu Mar 3 07:11:00 UTC 2016

On 03/03/2016 04:18 AM, Tom Samplonius wrote:
>>> How come there is no support for “ready" and “error" leds on the soekris 6501 even though it seems fairly easy to control them?
>> a) perhaps no developer have that board?
>> b) nobody has written the necessary code to do so?
> c) There is no generally accepted meaning for what “ready” or “error” LEDs might mean in FreeBSD, so implementing a driver for these LEDs may be a solution in a search of a problem.
I see. To my understanding this works on older soekris hardware but I 
havent tested it myself. Also the /dev/led/error is specifically 
mentioned in the led(4) manual.

Thanks for your time.

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