problems with powerd and cpufreq on AMD Quad-Core A8-4555M

John freebsd-lists at
Thu Mar 3 01:13:49 UTC 2016

On Mon, Feb 29, 2016 at 03:28:37PM +1100, Dewayne Geraghty wrote:

>That's a nuisance!
>As I said, IF I load the module before the kernel, I'm good as follows.
>However if I load after booting, then I don't have any frequencies to
>choose from.
>I'm afraid the only "help" I can provide is of my working situation :(  The
>order might be relevant.

>As I might have mentioned, if I load after the kernel, then kldload will
>show cpufreq.ko but there will be no frequencies to choose from.

Hi Dewayne,

I now think powerd/cpufreq doesn't work with AMD Turbo Boost, so it won't
work here. There's plenty of references to Powernow, but this chip
doesn't have that. I've also tried latest -current, and powerd doesn't
work there either with the default config.

thanks for trying to help anyway!

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