FreeBSD 10.3 BETA1&2 does not boot on Mac Pro 2008

Steven Hartland killing at
Sun Feb 14 11:12:38 UTC 2016

On 14/02/2016 00:47, claudiu vasadi wrote:
> Hello all,
> While trying to boot 10.3 amd64 uefi disk1 BETA1 and BETA2 iso on a Mac Pro
> 2008, I get the following message:
> BETA1 -
> BETA2 -
> Right after displaying the message I see the Num Lock going off and on and
> I can hear the optical unit moving the head a couple of times; after that,
> complete silence.
> When booting verbose, I get the exact same behavior and message.
> Ideas?

The next step after that is to display the framebuffer information and 
there is some additional support added in head, 10 only supports 
graphics output protocol but head also supports UGA draw, which from the 
commit message for r287538 seems to indicate this may be required for MAC's.

So if you can you try the latest HEAD snapshot and see if there are any 

If that fixes it should look to try and MFC those changes too.


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