passwd and pw speed regression?

Mike Tancsa mike at
Thu Feb 11 15:02:49 UTC 2016

I noticed that on a new RELENG_10 box we are building, password updates
are taking a very long time to build.  On the old RELENG_8 box, doing
something simple like adding a user

# time pw useradd test12345
0.062u 0.063s 0:00.14 85.7%     54+988k 196+134io 0pf+0w

# time pw userdel test12345
0.164u 0.044s 0:00.20 100.0%    28+1181k 0+18io 0pf+0w

On the new RELENG_10 box,

# time pw useradd test12345
0.060u 0.120s 0:58.89 0.3%      58+146k 12+6485io 0pf+0w

# time pw userdel test12345
0.125u 0.133s 0:58.80 0.4% 46+214k 13+9326io 0pf+0w

# wc /etc/passwd
    6113   14792  376128 /etc/passwd

Yes, almost 60 seconds to add a user to the password file?

Does anyone know what is going on to account for the large difference
and how to work around it ?  I am guessing

is the issue. Apart from keeping local source code changes, is there not
a better way to not have reasonable speeds ?


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