10.2 Release seems to be crashing on Azure with "Standard DS" VM sizes

Scott Otis scott.otis at tandemcal.com
Fri Feb 5 21:55:18 UTC 2016

Been trying to get a FreeBSD VM server running on Azure on a "Standard DS" size VM (so I have access to SSD storage for PostgreSQL).  The "Standard DS" series of VMs also have faster/newer CPUs than the original "Standard A" series of VMs.  I am using the image of FreeBSD from here: https://vmdepot.msopentech.com/Vhd/Show?vhdId=56718&version=61117 .  After setting up the VM it started rebooting every hour or so.  Initially I thought this was an Azure issue and Azure was forcibly rebooting the VM because it wasn't getting health reports back.  But I don't' believe this is the case anymore and I think FreeBSD is crashing.  (Note: I have setup a FreeBSD VM with a "Standard A" series VM and that seems to be running fine - though it looks like it might have crashed after about 38 hours which is much better than crashing after 1 hour).

Here is the "last" log from the last two days:

[--redacted--]   pts/2    [--redacted--] Fri Feb  5 21:10   still logged in
[--redacted--]   pts/1    [--redacted--] Fri Feb  5 21:10   still logged in
[--redacted--]   pts/0    [--redacted--] Fri Feb  5 20:58 - 21:10  (00:12)
boot time                                  Fri Feb  5 20:53
[--redacted--]   pts/1    [--redacted--] Fri Feb  5 04:59 - crash  (15:54)
[--redacted--]   pts/0    [--redacted--] Fri Feb  5 04:59 - 04:59  (00:00)
boot time                                  Fri Feb  5 04:41
boot time                                  Fri Feb  5 02:16
[--redacted--]   pts/1    [--redacted--] Fri Feb  5 00:36 - crash  (01:40)
[--redacted--]   pts/0    [--redacted--] Fri Feb  5 00:36 - 00:36  (00:00)
boot time                                  Fri Feb  5 00:29
shutdown time                              Thu Feb  4 09:33
boot time                                  Thu Feb  4 08:47
[--redacted--]   pts/0    [--redacted--] Thu Feb  4 07:25 - crash  (01:21)
boot time                                  Thu Feb  4 07:00
boot time                                  Thu Feb  4 05:03
boot time                                  Thu Feb  4 02:45
[--redacted--]   pts/0    [--redacted--] Thu Feb  4 01:08 - crash  (01:36)
boot time                                  Thu Feb  4 00:58

There are boot times without previous shutdown times - and there is that "crash" text (which is why I'm thinking it is a crash).

It looks by default the OS is setup to NOT save crash dumps

sudo dumpon -v -l

kernel dumps on /dev/null

If that is the case - do I add this to /etc/rc.conf?



Is there anything I need to adjust there?

Does that only take affect after a reboot?

Do I need to set anything with dumpon(8)?

Here is the info on the swapfile:

sudo swapinfo -h

Device          512-blocks     Used    Avail Capacity

/dev/gpt/swapfs    2097152       0B     1.0G     0%

Is that enough space for a kernel crash dump?

Thanks for all your help with this.


Scott Otis
CTO & Co-Founder

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