FreeBSD_STABLE_10-i386 - Build #479 - Fixed

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Tue Sep 22 12:30:27 UTC 2015

FreeBSD_STABLE_10-i386 - Build #479 - Fixed:

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288106 by jlh:
Long overdue MFC r284378:
  nit: Rename racct_alloc_resource to racct_adjust_resource.

  This is more accurate as the amount can be negative.

288105 by jlh:
Long overdue MFC r284377:
  NetBSD commit log:
    Use a constant array for the MIB. Newer LLVM decided that mib[] warranted
    stack protections, with the obvious crash after the setup was done.
    As a positive side effect, code size shrinks a bit.

  I'm not sure why this hasn't bitten us yes, but it is certainly possible and
  there are no real drawbacks to this change anyway.

  Submitted by: pfg
  Obtained from:        NetBSD

288103 by kib:
The stable/10 branch uses mutex for vfs_hash.  Fix build.

Submitted by:	Jukka Ukkonen <jau789 at>

288101 by garga:
MFC r287828:

Add support for Sierra MC7355 card

Submitted by:	Jeremy Porter <jporter at>
Approved by:	loos
Obtained from:	pfSense
Sponsored by:	Rubicon Communications (Netgate)

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