ISCI bus_alloc_resource failed

Bradley W. Dutton brad-fbsd-stable at
Tue Sep 8 05:37:47 UTC 2015

Quoting Jim Harris <jim.harris at>:

> On Mon, Sep 7, 2015 at 7:29 PM, Bradley W. Dutton <
> brad-fbsd-stable at> wrote:
>> There are 2 devices in the same group so I passed both of them:
>> At the time I wasn't sure if this was necessary but I just tried the
>> Centos 7 VM and it worked without the SMBus device being passed through. I
>> then tried the FreeBSD VM without SMBus and saw the same allocation error
>> as before. Looks like the SMBus device is a red herring?
> Looks like on ESXi we are using Xen HVM init ops, which do not enable MSI.
> And the isci driver is not reverting to INTx resource allocation when MSIx
> vector allocation fails.  I've added reverting to INTx in the attached
> patch - can you try once more?
> Thanks,
> -Jim

That patch worked. No allocation errors and the drives work as expected.

Thanks again,

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