ia64 stable/10 r286316: hang at Entering /boot/kernel/kernel

Anton Shterenlikht mexas at bris.ac.uk
Thu Sep 3 16:38:18 UTC 2015

>From marcel at xcllnt.net Thu Sep  3 17:20:42 2015
>To be clear: with the limits and without my patch you
>can=E2=80=99t even boot right?

yes, this is right.

>> If I remove these, then I can boot.
>> If I try booting with -s, then I get to a hang at
>> "Entering /boot/kernel=E2=80=9D:
>Is this with or without limits?
>And is this with or without patch?

It seems the patch made no difference.
With the limits I cannot boot with or without the patch.
Without the limits I can boot with or without the patch.

>> /boot/kernel.old/kernel text=3D0x1110710 data=3D0xdfce8+0xa54f8 =
>> ?[37m?[44mBooting...?[m
>> Entering /boot/kernel.old/kernel at 0x9ffc000000010500...
>> ***********************************************************
>> * ROM Version : 04.29
>> * ROM Date    : 11/30/2007
>> * BMC Version :  04.04
>This is not a hang. This is a machine check.

After this line

Entering /boot/kernel.old/kernel at 0x9ffc000000010500...

The machine is not responding. I've left it for hours,
just to be sure.
The following line appears only after a power cycle.

>> Is it worth investigating what limit value will boot?
>I=E2=80=99m inclined to say that it=E2=80=99s best to remove the limits
>altogether and just work with the default. If you need
>different default, add them to your kernel configuration.
>Since you lower maxdsiz and maxssiz from 1G to 512M,
>you can safely leave them as is (unless you tend to have
>runaway processes :-)
>You increase maxssiz from 256M to 512M, which you
>probably want to keep doing to make sure you can run
>the same set of processes as you do now.
>At this point in time, the only fix I=E2=80=99m willing to make
>is for the size of the array that holds relocations. If
>it made things better, I=E2=80=99ll commit it. If it didn=E2=80=99t, =
>I=E2=80=99m not going to commit it.

No, I don't think it made any difference.

>Anything more involved will take more time than I=E2=80=99m
>willing to put into ia64 at this time...

sure, no problem.


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